Our dog boarding facilities are designed with indoor/outdoor runs. Our cats are provided with individual boarding suites, complete with jumping shelves. All buildings are temperature controlled and have piped-in music. All facilities are sanitized daily and designed to provide a safe and secure environment.

Special care is available for our senior animals and other special conditions (upon request). As a guest at Vinjon’s, all animals receive individual attention and daily handling from our trained professionals. We administer owner-provided and veterinarian-prescribed medications and special diets in accordance with instructions. Should a problem arise, your veterinarian will be notified. If we are unable to reach your veterinarian, an available veterinarian will be contacted.

Kennel Stay Includes:

  • 24-hour care for your pets
  • Special care for our senior guests
  • Veterinarian on-call 24 hours a day
  • Bedding can be provided upon request. However, for sanitation reasons, we discourage outside bedding.
  • Nature's Select Premium foods for all of our guests.

Required Vaccinations

For your pet’s protection, we must see a current veterinarian record for the following vaccinations:


  • Rabies (Puppies under 6 months can be accepted without vaccine)
  • Distemper Parvo Combo (Puppies must have completed full series of puppy vaccines - series totals three)
  • Bordetella (Recommended every 6 months)


  • Rabies
  • F.V.R.C.P.

* For maximum protection, it is best to have your pet vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to his/her stay. Vaccinations must be current prior to boarding, as per company policy.


  • To reduce stress and the possibility of stomach upset, we recommend that you please refrain from feeding your pet 4 hours prior to check-in
  • When bringing your pet(s) to Vinjon’s, be sure to have your dog on a leash and/or your cat in a carrier. This will prevent any problems when dropping off or picking up your pet(s)
  • Toys and Treats are permitted during your pet's stay and will help them feel secure in your absence
  • You are the expert regarding your pet. Please advise us of any behaviors, conditions, or other issues that may affect the success of your pets stay with us. (Medical, behavioral, safety concerns, etc.) Our primary goal is to have a healthy, happy vacation for your pet and piece of mind for you.

Day Care

When you are at work, your dog can be playing and getting the attention he needs (instead of chewing on the living room furniture!). Dogs that come for day care have opportunities to play throughout the day, along with rest times. Drop them off on the way to work and pick them up on the way home—they will love it!


At Vinjon’s, we provide all breed grooming for dogs and cats. We offer an extensive array of services, ranging from a simple brush out and bath, to intricate breed trims. In addition to flea control, we offer medicated baths for various skin and coat conditions.

Our groomers are members of the Southern California Professional Grooming Association and are active in promoting education and professionalism, industry-wide.

Please ask about additional services such as:

  • Deshedding Service
  • Nail Grinding
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Blueberry Facials
  • Spa Package
  • Flea Control
  • Specialty Shampoos and Conditioners (for a variety of skin conditions)


Specialty Services

Specialty Diets

Food provided by owners will be given in accordance with owner’s instructions. We feed dry and canned Nature's Select foods, this is available to purchase in our retail shop.


We will administer owner-provided or veterinarian-prescribed medications. There is a $1.00 per trip charge. Insulin charge is $2.00 per injection.


A complete grooming is available for your pet and should be scheduled at time of check-in

Feline Pamper Time

Pamper time is available for your cat - $3.00 per 30-minute personal attention session.

Play Time

Play time is available for your pet during their stay - $3.00 per 30-minute session. Play time allows your pet to spend time in an over-sized play yard safely, with his friends in neighboring play yards.

Non-anesthesia Dental Clinic Every 4th Thursday of Month

Advanced Pet Services is a Non-Anesthetic dental and veterinary clinic that offers a variety of vaccines and services. Their Non-Anesthetic teeth cleaning are for both cats and dogs and treatment includes a full oral exam while using ultra-sonic scaling and polishing for cleaning your pet’s teeth. They also offer vaccinations for all stages of your pet’s life plus so much more!! All procedures are overseen by a state licensed Veterinarian. All dental cleanings are by appointment only!! Walk-ins welcomed for vaccines and other services.

For more information and/or to schedule a dental cleaning, please call us at (909) 627-2212!!

On-Site Dog Training

Training is provided by Karen Widaman from It's A Dog's World.

For questions about days, times, and services call (909) 548-3150 or visit